High Protein Diet – Opposite to a Low Carb Diet?

High protein diets are usually associated with low carbohydrates, even though people who have high protein requirements, like professional body builders, are not advised to go on a low carb diet. Protein is one of the most important nutrients necessary for health. The body uses it to build muscle, replenish cells, keep the blood in optimum condition, and basically to keep the body operating smoothly. If done properly, a high protein diet will keep you strong, healthy, and happy. A high protein diet can provoke weight loss, as several studies have indicated. Proteins are composed of amino acids, and science has shown that if your amino acids are deficient, you are prone to a number of health problems, including obesity. If you concentrate on protein-rich foods and minimize your intake of refined food that have a high carbohydrate and sugar content, after a while, your body will enter into a state called ketosis. Instead of burning carbohydrates as fuel, the body will turn to fat as its primary source of energy. Simply put, the less carbs you have in your body to burn, the more fat your body will use to give you the energy you need to live from day to day. In addition, it has been proven that eating protein-rich foods leaves you feeling full longer and you will find that you are much less inclined to snack or go on an eating binge. This is because your blood sugar and insulin levels are kept within the normal range you’ll be keeping undue hunger at arm’s length. Going on a high protein diet does not mean, however, that you are free to gorge on any and every type of protein. You would do well to avoid fried foods dripping in oil or margarine-smothered products. The reason for this is because these foods contain so-called trans-fats and other bad oils and fats that can lead to clogged arteries and heart disease. However, there is a wealth of other types of fatty, protein rich foods that are quite nutritious. As is common knowledge, meat is an excellent source of protein. Pork and beef contain ample amounts of this nutrient. But if you are concerned about fat, you should limit your portions of dishes containing meat. On the other hand, there is no need to worry about oils and fats if you eat fish and other seafood. Aside from being rich in protein, they contain essential fatty acids that improve your blood cholesterol levels and help prevent ailments like stroke and coronary artery disease. So you need not have any qualms about indulging your appetite at a seafood buffet – most of them can do no harm, only good. Many plant products also have a rich amount of protein in them. Soy-based produce like tofu and soy milk are suitable for those trying to lose weight on a high protein regimen. So are pulses and beans. Not only are they protein-rich, they are usually low-fat and low-carbohydrate as well. There have been concerns that a diet rich in protein can have adverse health effects. Some health experts claim that too much protein can deplete the body’s calcium supply and lead to diseases like osteoporosis. Another concern is that the kidneys are forced to deal with more byproducts, thus lessening their efficiency. And there are indications that too much protein increases uric acid levels, which can lead to gout or kidney stones. However, the jury is still out on whether protein is the major culprit in these conditions. More, longer-term research is needed to determine this although there are also many studies that are being conducted to explore these problems, their extent, and their possible resolutions. A high protein diet may not be for everyone, but for a vast number of people, it not only helps them in their weight loss efforts, it keeps them healthy, too! If you are considering going on this diet, always remember your limits and stick to the rules. It’s possible to modify it a little bit in various ways (such as reducing the intake of saturated fats) to suit your personal taste, but don’t deviate from the “main course.” Choose your protein sources wisely, don’t forget to exercise, don’t be a glutton (it’s one of the seven deadly sins, after all) and just watch the pounds melt away.

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